Socialist Party Members are people like you

African Americans are American Socialists.

African Americans

African Americans are American Socialists.

African Americans are American Socialists.

“Socialists promote racial justice through equitable wages and fair social opportunities and in the formation of just public policy... As an American Socialist, you will push for a societal transformation to make it clear that black lives matter and that there is no place for racism in our country.”

American Socialists


For decades, American Socialists have stood with African American communities in the struggle for equality and the social opportunities that so often elude us.

Most Americans share the same common values and concerns, such as – family, jobs, and education. These values and concerns unite Socialists everywhere. American Socialists across the country continue to work tirelessly to fight back against bigotry and discrimination, and to advance the issues that matter most to African Americans, from civil rights to economic opportunity.

Every sector of our economy was shaken by the economic crisis, but the capitalist political parties – the Democrats and Republicans, only helped their wealthy donor class at the expense of communities of color – communities that were already struggling due to capitalist politics long before the financial crisis hit.

As an American Socialist, you are committed to a new foundation for long-term economic growth that helps every American, not just those at the top. As an American Socialist, you are working to save jobs, to create new jobs and for new opportunities. As an American Socialist, you support small businesses, reinvestment in our schools, to close the educational achievement gap, and for making college free to those who want to learn. Expanded opportunities are not just for African Americans; as an American Socialist, you believe in expanding opportunities for every American.

As an American Socialist, you are committed to ending the epidemic of senseless gun violence in communities across America and reforming the broken criminal justice system that tears families apart. As an American Socialist, you are fighting against environmental injustices that have allowed low-income children to be exposed to lead and African American children to suffer asthma at twice the rate of white children. American Socialists are fighting voting restrictions as Republican legislatures around the country enact laws to keep minority voices away from the ballot box.

American Socialists are proud to stand and declare that Black Lives Matter.

Socialist Fundamentals

Socialist Party Supports Socialism in the form of Socialized Services

What is Socialism?

Capitalism oppresses people with under-employment and low-wages. Socialism, on the other hand, restricts those who have been placed in position of trust from using their positions to oppress others. Or another way of putting it – Socialism oppresses the capitalist's ability to oppress the workforce.

Socialist Party Protest for Fair Wages

Are You A Socialist?

If you work and want fair wages, then you are a socialist.

When a capitalist tries to argue that socialism subsidizes the cost of living of citizens that are unable to work, point out the fact that – The lives of wealthy capitalists are actually subsidized by the hard work and sweat of low-wage workers.

Support the growth of a Socialist Party

Nearing Critical Mass

Socialist policies grew America's middle-class; but, our current capitalist policies are destroying the Middle-class. Each era of increased capitalism led to a financial crisis. Every time socialism is increased, an era of historic economic prosperity begins.


Comparing Socialism

Defining Capitalism, Socialism, Communism & Fascism

Socialism, Capitalism, Communism, Anarchy

Caveat: There are some inherent pitfalls trying to offer simple, bite sized definitions of capitalism, socialism, communism and fascism.

For a point of reference, the United States is a Constitutional Democratic Republic that has long embraced both capitalism (free markets) and socialism (public schools and universities, and public works – parks, roads and highways, sewer and water, dams, harbors, as well as social welfare, such as worker’s comp, unemployment insurance, social security etc.).