Socialist Party Members are people like you

Ethnic Minorities are American Socialists

Ethnic Minorities

Ethnic Minorities are American Socialists

Ethnic Minorities are American Socialists

"More than any other political party, the Socialist Party is the party of inclusion… American Socialists are proud of our heritage as the first American political party started by first-generation immigrants."

American Socialists


Reflecting the diverse fabric of our country, the Socialist Party is comprised of many individuals, families, and communities that have at their core the story of American immigration.

American Socialists have worked tirelessly to provide meaningful leadership on the wide range of issues that are important to all Americans. The Socialist Party engages voters across America by advancing the Socialist message on these issues in households and American communities.

For generations, American Socialists have reached across all ethnic, racial, national origin, and religious identifications, often years before Democrats and Republican, to the common heritage that America’s diverse constituencies share.

The Socialist Party is a broad coalition of proven, recognized leaders representing networks of activists organized along immigrant and ethnic lines from all backgrounds, faiths, ethnicities, and demographic or geographic origins. The Socialist Party serves as a forum for coordination, cooperation, and consensus building among these diverse groups, as well as the vehicle for the public assertion and advancement of their shared aspirations.

The Socialist Party works to foster support within immigrant and ethnic oriented communities for socially responsive office-holders, candidates, and causes, while at the same time promoting increased cooperation and participation by these constituencies in shaping and advancing the priorities of the Socialist Party. If you agree with the efforts being made by Socialist Party, then become an American Socialist today!

Socialist Fundamentals

Socialist Party Supports Socialism in the form of Socialized Services

What is Socialism?

Capitalism oppresses people with under-employment and low-wages. Socialism, on the other hand, restricts those who have been placed in position of trust from using their positions to oppress others. Or another way of putting it – Socialism oppresses the capitalist's ability to oppress the workforce.

Socialist Party Protest for Fair Wages

Are You A Socialist?

If you work and want fair wages, then you are a socialist.

When a capitalist tries to argue that socialism subsidizes the cost of living of citizens that are unable to work, point out the fact that – The lives of wealthy capitalists are actually subsidized by the hard work and sweat of low-wage workers.

Support the growth of a Socialist Party

Nearing Critical Mass

Socialist policies grew America's middle-class; but, our current capitalist policies are destroying the Middle-class. Each era of increased capitalism led to a financial crisis. Every time socialism is increased, an era of historic economic prosperity begins.


Comparing Socialism

Defining Capitalism, Socialism, Communism & Fascism

Socialism, Capitalism, Communism, Anarchy

Caveat: There are some inherent pitfalls trying to offer simple, bite sized definitions of capitalism, socialism, communism and fascism.

For a point of reference, the United States is a Constitutional Democratic Republic that has long embraced both capitalism (free markets) and socialism (public schools and universities, and public works – parks, roads and highways, sewer and water, dams, harbors, as well as social welfare, such as worker’s comp, unemployment insurance, social security etc.).